Registration Agreement


1. Definitions

  • 1.1 The following terms are used in this agreement
  • (a) “Applicant” - the prospective student prior to being accepted into the programme by the Institute.
  • (b) “Date of Commencement” - the scheduled start date of the programme, as indicated in your Offer of Place letter. (c) “Programme” - the series of courses in which the student is enrolled.
  • (d) “Administration Fee” - the sum of money paid by the student to cover administration costs during programme. (e) “SAE Institute” - the School of Audio Engineering (NZ) Ltd, located in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • (f) “NZQA” - New Zealand Quali cations Authority.

2. Acceptance into the Programme

  • 2.1  An entry interview may be conducted with the applicant prior to acceptance into the programme. This may also include the request for additional supporting evidence such as Curriculum Vitae; audio and or visual works provided by the applicant.

  • 2.2  The applicant will be noti ed in writing of their acceptance as a student into the programme.

  • 2.3  SAE Institute reserves the right to decline the applicant’s entry into the programme. Non acceptance into the programme may include but is not limited to;

    - the applicant not meeting the entry requirements
    - the applicant owing fees from a previous SAE programme
    - the applicant not successfully completing previous tertiary study

3. Tuition Fees

  • 3.1  Student fee protection information: Upon enrolment in the programme, SAE Institute undertakes to provide appropriate student fee protection mechanisms according to the requirements of the NZQA. All fees are held by an independent trustee, pursuant to Section 235A and 235B of the Education Act 1989. This arrangement has been accepted by the NZQA as meeting the requirements of the Education Act 1989 and the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013.
  • 3.2  Any remaining portion of tuition fees paid by the student shall be reimbursed in the unlikely case of failure of the Institute to provide tuition due to nancial insolvency or regulatory closure.
  • 3.3  The student agrees to pay tuition fees regularly and by the due dates. Late payment of fees may result in cancellation of enrolment.
  • 3.4  The administration fee is non-refundable.

4. Content of Programme and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • 4.1  The student acknowledges that SAE Institute is entitled to change the content of the programme in which the student is enrolled at any time, allowing for new equipment and subject matter.

  • 4.2  SAE Institute reserves the right to allow entry into the programme through recognition of prior learning and / or credit transfer.

5. Withdrawal

  • 5.1  If the Student advises SAE Institute in writing of their intention not to commence the programme prior to the eighth calendar day for domestic students, or prior to the tenth working day for international students, from the date of commencement, any advance programme fee payments will be refunded by the Institute less the administration fee of $500 (pursuant to Section 235A and 235B of the Education Act 1989). All refund payments are issued by the trustee.

  • 5.2  Tuition fees will not be refunded after the eighth calendar day for domestic students, or tenth working day for international students, following the commencement of the programme.

  • 5.3  If a student chooses to withdraw from the programme they attending, the student is liable for any tuition fees outstanding at time of withdrawal. SAE Institute is entitled to recover from the student all legal and other costs incurred by SAE Institute arising from the collection of outstanding tuition fees.

  • 5.4  Student withdrawals are to be submitted only in writing. An exit interview will be required. Non-attendance of classes does not constitute withdrawal from the programme.

6. Cancellation

  • 6.1  If a student’s conduct is deemed to be unsuitable to attend SAE Institute, SAE Institute reserves the right to expel the student. All tuition fees are due at the time of expulsion.

  • 6.2  If a student’s attendance is deemed to be repeatedly erratic or unsatisfactory or does not meet the requriements of the programme, SAE Institute reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrolment.

7. Facility Equipment Use

  • 7.1  The student acknowledges that during the use of facility equipment, they are responsible for ensuring no equipment is damaged or stolen as a direct or indirect result of a failure on their part to exercise reasonable care.

  • 7.2  SAE Institute takes no responsibility for the function and integration, or loss of third party equipment brought onto the premises. All facilities are equipped to enable the student to complete the programme. The student is not permitted to use the facilities and / or studios for commercial gain.

  • 7.3  In the event that facility equipment is damaged or stolen during use of the facility equipment as a result of failure on the student’s part to exercise reasonable care of the facility equipment, the student agrees to pay within 21 days all cost relevant to replacing or repairing such equipment.

8. Ownership Issues - Students

  • 8.1  SAE Institute retains ownership of any physical object, tangible material and / or intellectual property rights of any work created by students as part of their programme of study. The decision whether or not to exploit its rights to intellectual property lies with SAE Institute, not individual staff or students. SAE Institute undertakes to consult with creators as to the appropriate mode of commercialisation if required.

  • 8.2  The student authorizes SAE Institute to use any images, tangible material, or student work for marketing purposes.

9. Disclosure Of Information

  • 9.1 The student authorises SAE Institute to release any and all information regarding the student for the mandatory reporting requirements to any and all government agencies.

10. SAE Institute Policy & Procedures

  • 10.1 The student agrees to read and understand all relevant SAE Institute policies.

11. Acknowledgement Of Registration Agreement

  • 11.1  On signing this Registration Agreement, the student acknowledges that this constitutes the of cial contract between SAE Institute and the student.

  • 11.2  This registration agreement is correct as at the time of publication, however is subject to change. For the latest version of the terms and conditions of enrolment, please

    visit SAE Institute’s website.