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Diploma in Electronic Music Production



This qualification is for individuals who wish to develop their experience and practice in the production of electronic music and in DJ production techniques.  It provides the music industry with performers who have an extended repertoire of DJ and electronic music production skills to perform competently ad creatively. Graduates can contribute to the cultural, social and economic life of Aotearoa New Zealand.



To equip students with early-to-intermediate industry-led skills and knowledge in DJ and electronic music production.  To facilitate the development of self-reflective creative practice, underpinned by transferable skills.



This is an NZQA accredited programme of study that leads to the Level 5 NZ Diploma in DJ and Electronic Music Production.



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  • Auckland


Skills and Outcomes


  • Beat making

  • Mixing for a genre

  • Software synths & MPC’s

  • Turntables

  • Analogue and digital console theory and practice

  • Multi-track recording

  • Microphone theory and techniques

  • Signal processing and effects

  • Signal flow

  • Monitoring systems

  • Workplace safety

  • Musical genres



Career Options in the Music and Audio Industries

  • Music producer

  • Beat maker

  • Live performance

  • DJ

  • Post-production engineer

  • Recording engineer

  • Mixing engineer

  • Mastering engineer

  • Location recorder

  • Control room designer

  • Sound designer

  • Foley recorder (SFX)

  • Foley post sync dialogue engineer

  • Technician

  • Front of house sound

  • Monitor engineer

  • Studio manager

  • System installation

  • System designer

  • Technician

  • Hire manager

  • Station manager

  • Programme director

  • Radio presenter


Diploma in Electronic Music Production
HouseHip HopProfessional Practice
DowntempoHunter-GathererProfessional Practice
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Hip Hop
Professional Practice
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Professional Practice

Key facts


    1 Year Full Time



    Enrol By: N/A

    Start Date: N/A

    End Date: N/A



Entry requirements


Proof of Identity

  • A copy of the student's valid photo ID must be provided.

General Academic Admission

  • Candidates are required to have gained a minimum of NCEA Level 2

Special Admission

  • Domestic applicants aged 20 years or above who have not met the General Admission or entry requirements for a programme but whose skills, education or work experience indicate that they have a reasonable chance of success may be eligible for Special Admission. Special admission will be granted at the discretion of the Academic Manager or designated nominee. Such applicants may be required to successfully complete a foundation, bridging or tertiary introduction programme as a condition of entry into higher level programmes.  

Provisional Admission

  • Domestic applicants aged under 20 years who have not met the general academic admission and entry criteria for a programme but who can demonstrate a reasonable chance of success through other educational attainment and/or work or life experience may be eligible for provisional entry at the discretion of the Academic Manager. Provisional entry places restrictions on re-enrolment to be lifted if the applicant’s performance is deemed satisfactory by the Academic Manager.

English as an Additional Language Applicant requirement

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) applicants, including NZ Residents must meet standard NZQA minimum English Proficiency Outcomes for a diploma programme, i.e. for the academic version of IELTS they will require a score of 6 with no band score lower than 5.5, or acceptable equivalent as per the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

An applicant must be a minimum of 17 years at the start date of the programme. Applicants aged less than 18 years old must apply with parental/guardian consent.  

All students are given the tutorial and pastoral support needed to satisfactorily engage with the academic and technical demands of the programme, and in particular students entering with the minimum qualification of NCEA Level 2.

All entry is at the discretion of the Academic Manager.


Fees and Payments

Administration Fee   $500
Tuition Fee   TBC
Total Fees   TBC

Programme fees may be paid by Student Loan.

Fees must be paid annually, prior to the commencement of study.

This programme receives funding from TEC and is NZQA approved, therefore is eligible for the 'Fees Free' scheme.  To determine your eligibility, visit feesfree.govt.nz

For any queries regarding payment please contact: study@sae.edu