The SAE Difference

SAE has been delivering outstanding industry-focused education since 1976. We have set the benchmark for HE and VET qualifications in creative media because we know these industries and we know how to train industry-ready graduates. We love what we do and we are committed to the provision of education options that challenge, develop and inspire.

Creative Media Education Specialists

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SAE equips me for success

We are the world’s leading educator in creative media industries because we work closely with our industry partners, we employ specialist teachers with real-world experience, and we deliver personalised education in world-class facilities.

Our specialised courses in creative media are responsive to the dynamic and evolving nature of these industries. We keep our finger on the pulse and think outside the square to help you reach your potential and realise your dreams. 

Global Perspective

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SAE gives me world access

SAE has 47 campuses in 23 countries. Our students and teachers are a unique, diverse and creative community who come together for a collective purpose – outstanding education opportunities. Our expertise is world-recognised and truly global.

SAE courses are Australian Government accredited and internationally recognised. 

Want to study abroad? SAE can take you there.

As an SAE Bachelor and Associate Degree student, you have the opportunity to study up to two trimesters at an SAE campus overseas. * Not only will studying abroad be a life changing experience, you will have the chance to make new friends and industry connections, enhancing your future career prospects while broadening your horizons.

During your overseas study journey you will still be enrolled as an Australian student, therefore still accessing FEE-HELP if required.

As an Australian student you will also receive the one transcript that will cover the entire duration of your studies, both in Australia and abroad.

SAE can truly offer you the global perspective.

*Currently available at SAE campuses in England and Dubai.

Fast-track learning

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SAE puts me ahead of the pack

SAE offers accredited fast-track learning pathways so you can be industry-ready and on your way to that dream job faster. If you are willing to put in the hard yards, then our intensive fast-track options mean you will be degree qualified in 2 years. 

Practical and personalised study


SAE exposes me to the real world

At SAE we know creative media industries graduates need individual practical training. We recognised this back in 1976 – that’s why we pioneered our hands-on, industry focused, and personalised curriculum, delivered to you in state-of-the-art facilities.

We also get you out of the classroom and into the real world, with professional development opportunities at some of Australia’s premier festivals and events.

SAE is committed to excellence in education, and your learning outcomes. 

We know our stuff

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SAE unleashes my potential

At SAE we will help you hone your skills and expertise with our rigorous curriculum based on practical and technical experiences, and grounded in theory and critical analysis.

SAE has been training industry-ready graduates since 1976. We are great at what we do – that’s why we're an industry leader in creative media education.